Dunland Trap Secrecy (solo progression)

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The Dunland Trap - 1 Player - 2020-06-27
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Mathrandir 37

A deck that is purpose built to beat The Dunland Trap solo, using only cards released until the Ring-maker cycle, no saga cards and one Core set.

This deck has met my goal of winning the scenario three times in a row.

The deck grinds through the scenario. Mulligan for Light of Valinor. Expect to stay on stage 1 a long time. Quest with just enough to succeed (x+location+3) and keep the rest back to defend and attack. The deck keeps an even pace with the encounter deck doing this, until you find Treebeard. Timely Aid is there to dig him out. Once Treebeard has some resources on him, you are ready to proceed to stage 2-3.

Treebeard acts as safety valve for the final battle. You can only bring one ally to stage 2, so a fighty one with his own readying built in is optimal. He can defend against all but Chief Turch. Use chump blockers for Turch.

Secrecy is a good fit for the scenario. No enemy engages below 20 threat. Encounter deck manipulation from the secrecy allies and Risk Some Light is useful against a lot of encounter cards. Timely Aid is powerful. Out of Sight is great in the final battle. Secrecy isn’t depending on powerful items (that you would lose on stage 2).

The heroes are just the lowest threat ones to get all the secrecy spheres. I think they work pretty well together. Use Théodreds ability on himself or Glorfindel, Bifur can take resources from them as needed. Apart from the secrecy allies, Lampwright is good in scenarios with this much Surge. Miner of the Iron Hills can get rid of the nasty condition In Need of Rest. Warden of Healing is mostly in to combat the direct damage conditions. All of them are good chump blockers in the final battle. Secrecy can have a slow start, so A Light in the Dark is there to have an extra way to deal with the enemy that starts engaged. It’s also useful in the final battle (even if it can’t get rid of Turch himself). Sneak Attack is a notable omission, it doesn’t do well here. Because you keep discarding your hand it doesn’t connect with Gandalf. Resourceful is also out, because you grind for so long you have all the resources you need.

Have you made another progression deck that beats the scenario regularly? Please let me know in the comments!


Jun 29, 2020 doomguard 687

no sneak attack? with only elronds council seems hard to keep secrecy. a sneaked gandalf could be helpful. would reduce out of sigh or a light in the dark for it.