Three Hunters Eowyn

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It's been a long, long time since I published a deck, but I have returned! The Three Hunters contract is an incredible blast to play and as soon as I saw it, I knew that I wanted to integrate Leadership Gimli and Spirit Legolas. For whatever reason, I never quite clicked with those versions of the dynamic duo, but the Three Hunters contract gives them the perfect context to shine. Eowyn made sense as the perfect third member because of the Tactics access she provides and because I've also always wanted to use Golden Shield and Herugrim to turn her into a combat monster (in addition to her usual status as a questing monster). In this case, War Axe often ends up making her even more intimidating an attacker.

The deck is relatively straightforward, but ultimately I've settled on most of the events being focused on card draw/fetch in order to flip the contract as quickly as possible. Here is the general setup, generally playing out whichever attachments come up first:

  • Gimli: (Pick 3-4 of) Armored Destrier, Dwarrowdelf Axe, Dwarven Shield, Ring Mail
  • Legolas: (Pick 3-4 of) Mirkwood Long-knife, Silver Circlet, Celebrian's Stone
  • Eowyn: (Pick 3-4 of) Golden Shield, Herugrim, Rohan Warhorse, Snowmane, War Axe

Unexpected Courage can go on anyone, but usually the first copy is best for Gimli to provide extra defensive cover. King Under the Mountain is a key attachment in order to provide consistent card draw early.

Have fun!


Jul 11, 2020 Melkata 3

Hey, good to see you back publishing decks! I know a lot of us owe you a ton for getting us started on the game, and would be great to hear more about the current game. The contracts have really thrown a twist into deck building, and all of them have been fun. What quests are you planning on taking on with the new deck? I find going back to old favorites with the new decks give them an entirely new flavor (though, don’t try sailing quests with the three hunters. Didn’t go so well).