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Conflict at the Carrock - 2 Players - 2020-09-14
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Guccigreek 17

Just a vilya deck I made using my limited amount of cards. Obviously Gandalf and Elrond work together amazingly and theodred pumps resources for Elrond. some discarding abilities to get rid of second copies of unique attachments.


Sep 03, 2020 jvader 5

why only 2 viyas

Sep 07, 2020 Guccigreek 17

Since I go through cards really fast in this deck all the unique attachments tend to get drawn frequently. Also this deck doesn't need Vilya right away or even at all. I have beat a lot of the scenarios without drawing Vilya once. Of course I put word of command, Gandlafs Search, Gildor and erestor to find the good cards.