Rohan Leadership/Lore

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Adaepholn 110

A Rohan/Traps deck, intended to be played with a Spirit/Tactics Rohan deck.

This was made using cards from the first 2 full cycles, the full Lotr Saga, OHaUH, EaAD and TMV.

I'm not sure about some of the cards currently in the deck. I have only tried it 3 times, but I'm not sure about Rosie Cotton. Valiant Sacrifice might not be necessary, and perhaps there are too many Lore cards.

Right now I have used Steward on Damrod and Eomer, but it might be more useful for the other deck for some hands. I don't think Eomer can make much use of his ability without at least a Spear from the other deck. Guthwine is probably much better for the other deck, as this deck doesn't have very many Rohan allies.