Desert Pilgrims

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Loss - Desert Crossing - 1 Player - 2020-09-19
Win - Desert Crossing - 1 Player - 2020-09-23
Win - Journey up the Anduin - 2 Players - 2020-09-27
Win - The Long Dark - 3 Players - 2020-10-03
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kattattack22 732

The original idea was to have Northern Trackers and Thror's Key to negate the Forced effects on locations in Desert Crossing. They still can, but it's not going to single-handedly win the scenario for you.

The deck really gets going with an Expert Treasure-hunter in play. This let's you draw past allies and attachments to leverage Gandalf's ability to play the card draw during different phases of the game. This thins down the deck to find the Hidden Caches. Once you have one and pipe then can recur it each round and load up Arwen with resources to play Glorfindl and trackers. This will give the deck the questing and combat power it needs.

Also don't be shy about discarding cards to give Arwen resources and readying Glorfindl so he can quest and attack. The deck draws a lot of cards. There is a Will of the West to reset the deck if needed.

Wardens, Lembas, and Ioreth for healing as the quest has a lot of direct damage.

Firyal provides some encounter control along with strong questing power. Firyal should always discard were-worm if possible. Their high hit points means they can stick around for multiple turns, and they only get stronger as the temperature rises. Firyal and Arwen will pretty much always quest. They're the primary targets for Expert Treasure-hunter.

Gandalf will be primary defender and attacker. Get Glorfindl out ASAP to help with attacking. He and Gandalf can take out most of the creatures in Desert Crossing.

The combat power is a bit lacking mainly because the best allies for comabt are expensive. You can stall for a bit thanks to Gandalf's decent defense. Plus, the healing allows to take some attacks undefended. Ideally by the time you hit stage 3 Glorfindl and all 3 trackers are out to help one shot a were-worm.

Sideboard right were different options being considered to swap in. Outrider is probably better here solo just because it's a little cheaper and you're not seeing that many locations.