Bilbo Super Quester

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Loss - Journey up the Anduin - 2 Players - 2020-09-27
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kattattack22 803

Basic idea was to use Galadriel's, Theoden's, and the contract's willpower boosting to turn Bilbo into super quester especially with his ability on top.

Herugrim and Golden Shield to get Theoden to handle combat.

Mirror and Harp to dig for Nenya or restricted attachments to flip the contract.

Starting Hand

Nenya, if it isn't in the opening hand then mulligan. Galadriel's Mirror is the back up option if Nenya isn't in your hand after the mulligan.

If you have Nenya then basically hoping to see a nice spread of restricted attachments and maybe an Expert Treasure-hunter.

Restricted Attachments

First priority is getting Theoden ready for combat. Golden Shield and Herugrim or War Axe ASAP is ideal. A couple of the other defense boosting attachments will do otherwise.

After that it is about getting the contract to flip. Later can replace and optimize as follows:


1) Hobbit Pony

2) Ring Mail or Gondorion Shield

3) War Axe

4) Song of Travel and Silver Circlet

5) Round Shield


1) Silver Harp

2) Silver Circlet

3) Gondorian Shield and/or Round Shield


1) Golden Shield

2) Heugrim

3) Song of Travel and Silver Circlet

4) War Axe

5) Gondorian Shield or Round Shield


Sep 28, 2020 jvader 135

i might up snowmane to 3

Sep 28, 2020 kattattack22 803

@jvader, so far I haven't had any issue getting Snowmane into play pretty early. Between Galadriel's ability and her Mirror you can get just about any needed card in a turn or two. I'd also rather generally get a restricted attachment that will count towards flipping the contract earlier. It's almost too bad it loses the keyword in this deck.

Sep 29, 2020 Blithe Schlemihl 63

No guarded attachments with Bilbo? Sting and Durin's Axe would probably work well.

Sep 29, 2020 kattattack22 803

@Blithe SchlemihlI have other decks that do use them. Including a 2 Three Hunters decks. See Three Sneaky Burglars and Three Hobbit Treasure Hunters. What I've learned is that the Guarded attachments generally delay flipping the contract.

I did consider Sting, and Necklace of Girion for the willpower boost. It takes a couple turns to get Theoden combat ready. At 30 starting threat, keeping enemies up in the staging area for Bilbo's ability isn't very likely.

As it is the contract typically flips turn 2 or 3 without some help from another deck. I just don't think it can handle the tempo hit to put in any Guarded attachments. One copy of Sting and/or Necklace might be OK for late game. It needs some more playtesting solo to see if that is feasible though.