Mono Leadership Free Peoples

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ira212 128

ira212 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Mono Leadership Free Peoples for Race Across Harad

The goal of the deck was to make a relatively simple but interesting deck for a new-ish player to use in a multiplayer game, and also have something playable for myself in solo.

The inspiration for the deck was The Free Peoples. You start with 8 traits in play, and there are 10 cards in the deck that you can play turn 1 to get yourself to 9 traits. With Sneak Attack + Gandalf/Beorn/Legolas, there are 15 cards. So it should be relatively quick to get to 9 traits. Perhaps it's worth adding a third The Free Peoples, but resource management can be tricky if you don't draw Steward of Gondor early.

Steward of Gondor goes on Amarthiul, who can then be funneled resources for tactics cards via Denethor's ability, Envoy of Pelargir, and Wealth of Gondor, making Legolas an option to get into play the normal way.

Initial questing power may be a little low, until allies get online. Restricted attachments can get a little tight, so ensure Celebrian's Stone goes on Elfhelm, who should probably quest every round. Sword of Numenor goes on Amarthiul, and then everyone gets a horse. Ideally Denethor gets two Destriers! With one Dunedain Warning and a Destrier, Denethor is at 5 defense, which should be pretty good especially if you get rid of the shadow card in advance with the Destrier. Keep a weak enemy engaged so you can block it, ready with Destrier, get rid of shadow card on scarier enemy, and keep Amarthiul active for Tactics cards.

This deck is designed to play solo, but also to work in a multiplayer game with good global effects like Strength of Arms and The Free Peoples. Also, even though there are relatively few Sentinel/Ranged effects, there are lots of ways to give other players resources via Envoy, Squire, Denethor, Wealth, and Man the Walls, plus playing attachments on them.

Finally, the deck should be able to get good use of Sneak Attack + Gandalf/Beorn during the combat phase, since the allies can likely ready an extra time via Strength of Arms. Gandalf should typically be used to draw extra cards, but if your threat is an issue he can obviously be used to reduce threat instead.

Feedback welcome!


Oct 16, 2020 ira212 128

Sideboard includes random other cards I considered.

Oct 17, 2020 doomguard 459

consider ranger of the north playable with then u have more ranged and sentinel for low cost.

would put them in for rosie, hobbitarcher and messanger raven

Oct 17, 2020 ira212 128

Thanks for the comments and ideas! I love Ranger of the North, especially at higher player counts when you get through the encounter deck more quickly. It’s so pleasant to draw it. But, I opted to avoid it for this deck because I already have the Dunedain and Ranger traits, and I’m trying to get to 9 so Free People can be reliably satisfied. Rosie and Hobbit Archer both offer the Hobbit trait, and Messenger Raven offers the Creature trait. With Faramir and Free Peoples, even a very weak ally can quest for a lot.

That said, Ranger of the North is still really nice, so it might be worth putting in if I find that Free People is reliable enough. Thanks!