Gondor Needs a King

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Gondor Has No King
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Fredmans 75

Built as part of fellowship for re-run of Siege of Cair Andros with card pool up to Angmar Awakens.

It is a Gondor Tactics build with Tactics Aragorn thrown in to use his -1 defense to score kills. Boromir may use his ability to swing at another enemy and possibly kill two enemies in one turn. Its high starting threat enables Valour quickly and if you can get Beregond with 6 defense and Raven-winged helm up and leave Aragorn and Boromir ready for the combat phase, you can eviscerate a Mordor battle line. It is used with a Spirit tandem deck, so there are readying effects and Hasty strokes as well as The Galadhrim's Greeting. Favor of the Valar is a last resort, but a very strong one, because you will not need to survive 5 rounds, but rather 2. The final bonus of Aragorn is his ability to keep enemies off the spirit deck. There are also a lot of Sentinels.

As the deck evolved, I skipped the chump blockers. You mulligan for Gondorian Shields, Feints or Behind Strong Walls, Winged Guardians, Defenders of Rammas. The Approach should be first priority since Willpower questing is the worst case for this fellowship.