Gondor Needs No King

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Gondor Has No King
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Fredmans 75

Built as part of fellowship for re-run of Siege of Cair Andros with card pool up to Angmar Awakens.

It is a Gondor Spirits deck build with Arwen thrown in for several reasons. She can enhance card draw with her ability and Elven-light. She can also use Tale of Tinuviel to boost Aragorn, as well as spread resources to the more resource intensive Tactics deck. All three heroes are really good in this quest due to their 2 Defense stat. They can struggle in stage 2, so the Banks should be protected at all cost. That means mulligan hard for A Test of Will and Hasty Stroke. Digging for gold is a West-fold Horse-breeder and Ride to Ruin to deal with it during setup. Star Brooch is mainly there for its boost of Tale of Tinuviel, but also if you have to quest through stage 2. Emery should be used to find Elven-lights.

As the deck evolved, I added to the high cost Dunedain allies. They are equally good for Siege and Battle and are always free to quest due to Aragorn's ability and your lower starting threat.