The Third Age GBA (3 Hunters THE ONE DECK!)

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Christian_Medic 585

My Three Hunters deck using my favourite members of the fellowship of the ring. I have taken this deck through the saga campaign true solo and it performed excellently, only struggling with the last 4 quests of the campaign (Pelennor Fields was exceptionally hard and why Will of the West is in here.

Mulligan for as many restricted attachments as you can get, though my favourite is getting Gandalf's Staff, Gondorian Shield, War Axe, or Raiment of War. Some other really useful cards at the start are Elven-Light, Light of Valinor, Magic Ring or Wizard Pipe.

The heroes work really well together and since you can't use any of the powerful Gandalf allies, you may as well have the powerful Gandalf hero to help with drawing your deck quicker. Legolas with his Light of Valinor and Elven-Light also help with the action advantage and just those two cards alone (along with Boromir's readying ability) means you will always be questing with Three ready heroes before the rest of the readying attachments. Boromir is an absolute titan again with this contract. With Captain of Gondor, Raiments of War, Gondorian Shield, War Axe and a Golden Belt for example he will have a Willpower of 5, Attack of 8, and defense of 5, along with 7 hitpoints to handle about any threat. With his readying he can fulfill literally any role and often many roles throughout each Round.

As well you have the option to put Steward of Gondor and Blood of Numenor/Gondorian Fire/Livery of the Tower on the Hero of your choice and turn them into a boss level defender/attacker.

The other nice aspect of these restricted items is for the most part they can go on anyone, so if you are playing any of the Sagas you have lots of options to throw on the fellowship or baggins hero.

There is no sideboard since this a One Deck. but if you wanted you could add in The One Ring on Gandalf or Boromir and it's associated attachments, as well as Hero saving (for quests that discard characters) , condition removal for the nasty condition quests, Test of Will for similar game-ending Treachery quests, and Waters of Nimrodel + another Vigilant Guard for Rhosgabel.

Hope you enjoyed the deck/write up as much as I have enjoyed playing it on my journey to complete every quest with it.

This deck name/theme is a tribute to the old Game Boy Advance Videogame The Third Age, and the three characters I used the most for that game in the good campaign.