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Nov 21, 2020 Nof242 19

Hi `@sliskipl, thank you for the deck. I love these kind of trap decks. One tip though: I've found that in any trap deck Master of the Forge is your true friend. He essentially provides some much needed card draw and lets you fish out your attachments at great speed. I'd probably leave out one copy of Wingfoot, since it's unique and thus a dead card in your hand once it's on the table and you're likely to have it on the table much sooner with the master of the forge. Your defence capabilities are great with the inclusion of Beregond, Blood of Numenor, Livery of the Tower and Desperate Defense, so you can probably do just fine with just two copies of Warden of Healing. The third card I'd omit to make room for three copies of Master of the Forge would probably be one copy of Ithilien Tracker, his ability is good, but three copies of him on the table have the same effect as only one.