Repelling the Raiders of the Grey Haven

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The Swords of the Noldor Reforged 74 58 36 2.0
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GoblinKing 66

I used this deck to take on the nightmare version of Raid on the Grey Havens. It is based upon the deck, The Swords of the Noldor Reforged. I just added a hobbit and a hobbit pipe to keep it within the theme that I'm using for the story. At the beginning of The Hobbit, when Gandalf tell's Bilbo his name, the hobbit remarks that the wizard must be the Gandalf who took many hobbits on adventures, which included sailing in ships to other shores. So this is the story of some of those sailing hobbits. The deck takes practice to pilot since Erestor will have you dumping cards in the beginning. But don't worry! Reforged and Will of the West are your best friends. The deck really is a lot of fun to pilot and I did very well against the nightmare quest, only losing one game out of five thanks to a terrible initial draw.