For the white city!

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Hunt for the dreadnaught!!!!!!
The Siege of Cair Andros - 1 Player - 2021-01-11
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Sarus85 44

A second deck I've put together, this one to run with Hannah's elves against a few different quests. I've added a few new cards from the against the shadow cycle I've recently picked up.

Not entirely sure how successful it will be. I've a smattering of everything in here. Mainly using Denethor as a defender to hold back enemies and using the armoured destrier if needed for multiple defences. Boromir and his ability to boost all gondor allies and there questing potential on top of faramir and visionary leadership.

A good harvest to hopefully be able to play some of the tactics cards if needed as well, the tome of Atanatar basically to try it and recycle Sneak attack hopefully Gandalf likely for thread reduction or card draw if rod of the steward doesn't pop up immediately. Some extra resource generation as well with steward and wealth of gondor as well as some card abilities like the envoy or the squire.