Against the Shadow MonoTactics 2

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Adaepholn 78

A mono-tactics deck that I used for Heirs of Numenor and Against the Shadow. I played this deck with a mono-lore deck two-handed. The other deck is linked in the fellowship.

This deck was strong against most scenarios from the cycle apart from Into Ithilien and The Siege of Cair Andros. The Blood of Gondor was tricky as well. For more details on the scenarios see the fellowship description.

The sideboard contains cards I used for some of the scenarios. I used Envoy for The Steward's Fear through to Assault on Osgiliath for a little bit more willpower intead of the Winged Guardians. I tried Gondorian Fire but never it never seemed to be that useful. Trained for War and Arod were helpful in The Steward's Fear to provide some boost to questing and location control.

Boromir was great for Battle and Siege questing along with being a good backup defender. Eowyn was amazing - her ability was particularly useful against Orc Vanguards, the Black Numenorean and the Captains in TMV.

I built this deck using cards from the first 3 full cycles, OHaUH and the full LotR Saga.

Any feedback is welcome!