A Knife in the Dark - Progression - Katherine's Deck

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A Knife in the Dark - Progression
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nttArc 139

This game we decided to take it slow on the first quest phase. We have very low starting threat so we can't engage Bill Ferny right away (and in hindsight maybe I should have included Son of Arnor). We used our threat as a resource to avoid adding Ringwraiths to the encounter deck.

Going slow let us set up the board stronger before having to fight Nazgul all at once on the last phase and we were able to not add a single extra Ringwraith.

The decks have high cost allies to cheat into play with The Prancing Pony and Elf-stone.

If you get Beorn his discard ability can help to kill The Witch King quickly. He's I think the only ally with < 2 willpower so one of the treacheries will kill him eventually if it isn't cancelled/ a shadow card.

In our run we got unlucky in not getting a single Fast Hitch or Unexpected Courage but we got lucky in getting Gildor Inglorien very quick. We chose him rather than Mr. Underhill because its a double benefit to get a beneficial card and not a bad encounter card. Also, we have spare Fellowship resource in this scenario to spend on Gildor Inglorien because it is better to not use The One Ring, not using it tempers a lot of bad effects.

Because we added no extra Ringwraiths we only had the kill The Witch King and two of the Nazgul that start in the deck and that wasn't too bad with our board built up with strong allies.