Single Core series: Peril in Pelargir

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TheChad 8811

We have just passed into the realm of Gondor! The single core set progression series continues with Peril in Pelargir.

You can check out this deck in action here:

Turn one strategy is to quest with Gimli (who is holding the scroll) and Thalin and hopefully a Vassal of the Windlord. Then, engage the Harbor Thug, take it undefended and damage Gimli so he drops the scroll and gets an attack boost. From that point on you create a flock of eagles to get you through stages 1 and 2.

Once you get to stage 3 you will hopefully have Faramir in play, if not, it will take a few rounds to clear that final stage.

This deck is designed to GET you to stage 3, mustering the can be tricky, but you should be able to get it done.


Aug 04, 2022 XZidan 1

Thanks for your deck, I’ve enjoyed playing it, as usual. Only one notice regarding turn one strategy - players need to keep in mind there are 3 cards with +2 shadow damage, which would send Gimly into a grave if revealed during undefended Thug's attack.