Into Ithilian overcome enemy mantra

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Taskonidis 13

A really successful deck for the Into Ithilian scenario If played the right way. Soon will be tested (I guess with minor changes) with Peril in Pelargir. Really a limited card pool, could be adjusted with the CORE set and Heirs Of Numenor.

In general the strategy is to be aware of the incoming encounter card (and if possible to change it with another). Having this information could assign perfectly quest/defence/attack. A lot of Gondor Allies (including the rangers in the encounter deck) which benefits from Boromir special abilities causes a quick questing in the first stage. Ranger Spikes works perfectly with Denethor as you know when exactly to cast it. Keep For Gondor! for the last stage, as there you will probably need a lot of Defence power to quest.