Team Durin's Bane's Bane

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Fellowship of the Balrog Bashers
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teaberryou 41

Used for beating Shadow and Flame, along with Team Gothmog's Bane


Mar 30, 2021 Samuel San 10

Who can use hands Upon the bow? I see no ranged characters

Mar 30, 2021 teaberryou 41

@Samuel San you are correct, but that's what I played so I published it as-is. There's a bunch of other cards that had no use tbh, and also many good ones that I didn't even draw (most notably Vilya and Master of the Forge) but in the end it worked out so I didn't modify the deck. I'll defo need to alter it, add more Secrecy, add more ignore and scry effects. I really didn't think this one through very well, and it showed: by the end of the game I had lost Thalin and Elrond and limped with one extra ally whenever I could afford it. Luckily I hit a pretty good balance in my other team (check the full Fellowship) and that one pulled through well enough to compensate. I'll alter it next time I play Shadow and Flame