Last Alliance - Gondor and Outlands

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Igloo 59

Hey all! I wanted to show my first attempt at a Last Alliance deck using a bunch of the new cards from ALeP featuring the Outlands and Gondor traits.

The deck doesn’t change much from a standard Outlands deck. You will see a lot of the usual players here so I won’t speak to that too much. However there are a few cards that help give the Outlands deck some more interesting choices during game play when it comes to what card gets the altered text. Some examples....

Hero Denethor could be changed to allow resource pushing to Hirluin. This is useful if you were not able to put Steward of Gondor on Hirluin.

Hero Ingold could be changed to draw cards when an Outlands ally is played.

Any one of the bonus providing Outland allies can now include Gondor.

Soldier of Gondor can be change to allow to draw an Outlands character

...and so on.

As I was exploring the combos, I actually forgot about the cost reduction the contract gives on my first couple of play throughs!

I included a few side board cards as some cards to consider. I like side quests and play with those. I think the cards in the sideboard could easily be swapped in for those if not your style.

Boromir was in the first iteration of the deck, but decided that put the threat at too high a level, and I think the resource boost Denethor gives right off the bat helps get the Outlands train going.

Give the deck a shot and let me know what you think!


Apr 08, 2021 AlasForCeleborn 347

Sadly, Hunter of Lamedon is illegal for the deck (they have traits A and B). Other than that, seems interesting.