The Hunt for Gollum - Nightmare - Progression - Katherine's

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The Hunt for Gollum - Nightmare - Progression
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nttArc 169

Once again it's been a while but at last we've tackled another scenario.

This one was not too terribly bad, however, I do think we had a little bit of luck on our side. A few lucky occurrences: Drew Light of Valinor on our Mulligan; drew Northern Tracker in opening hand, did not spend and saved to use Elrond and Eowyn's first resources on Northern Tracker and never had the card come up the makes you discard your highest cost ally; never got Ravenous Hawk when look at top cards of deck for the quest cards effect; and did not have the first Hunters from Mordor come up until much later in the scenario.

I do have to say that we did accomplish this through using some calculated risks and good decision making (i.e., risk of saving and getting Northern Tracker out early and killing each and every Hunting Warg as soon as they came out so as to not summon Hunters from Mordor. Overall though I think that we had a bit easier rng coupled with decks built reasonably well. We felt in total control the whole way through.

Some of our tactics that helped: The aforementioned saving for Northern Tracker and killing Hunting Wargs the turn they come out. Using Hennamarth Riversong's ability was surprisingly helpful this go around. We put Unexpected Courage on Legolas, with his Blade of Gondolin he garnered us a lot of our progress tokens. Also, on the last phase only my side had a clue (good thing as I had more quest power) and I was able to send everything to the quest and make decent progress whilst allowing Legolas to kill an enemy or two to finish off our quest points.

I can certainly see these decks losing, even multiple times, but I think they are solid enough to get a win fairly reliably.