A CUSTOM SCENARIO The Glittering Caves

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nelloianiro 642

Caves! The Caverns of Helm's Deep! Happy is the chance that drove me there!- Gimli, The Two Towers


               A CUSTOM SCENARIO

About two months ago I started working on a custom scenario based on the caves of Helm's Deep. I started writing names and ideas and soon everything just started falling into place. (Partially thanks to Gimli, who gave me an easy time with some of the location's names) I printed my first test set of cards, (I edited them on Google Docs, and printed little 2 1/2-inch cards in black and white, to save ink, then cut them out by hand, they look really ghetto) and after I had played multiple times, I started using Strange Eons and made them on there. That is a really cool site to make your own cards, but it's really hard to get them on OCTGN, so we ended up ditching that idea and used Notepad ++ instead. We got them on OCTGN, but without any of our own art the quest and side quest cards have art that doesn't make sense because they aren't cave-themed, but I don't really care, I'm just so glad we finally got it on OCTGN. So I started playtesting and lost multiple times with different decks, so I tried Seastan's One Deck. I lost so fast. That's when I knew I had to make it easier.

So I got rid of a few cards and made the quest cards easier and eventually finished. It's still hard, but not Carn Dûm hard.

My first-win score: The One Deck, 135 score, 14 allies, questing 49.

Here's the download. The file will be under Downloads when you go to look for it on OCTGN.

Here's a link with the rules.

I based a couple of my cards off of the Khazad-dûm cards.

Gaping Hole was based off of Dreadful Gap, and Sudden Drop was based off of Sudden Pitfall.

A few extra things I didn't say in the rules, the first quest card says to shuffle one more Lost card into the encounter deck then the number of players, you will have to do that manually. In order to get the two out of play decks, go to global and add the two custom decks in, with their discard piles. There was no way for me to name the decks, but the one with 13 cards is the Discover deck and the one with 10 is the Lost deck.

The reason I created this deck to go along with the scenario is because you're going to need low threat, questing PLUS decent attack and defense. I wouldn't say this deck could beat it, though. It takes a long time to beat this scenario, so if you play it and feel like it should be shorter or easier, tell me in the comments, and, if you could, give me a solution, although keep in mind I meant for this scenario to take a while to beat.

Special thanks to my Dad who took a lot of time, most of which wasn't his own, making these cards on Notepad.

Lastly I wanna say what would be most rewarding is if someone big like Seastan or Beorn decides to try this out. They could find 100 things wrong with it, and I wouldn't care. I don't wanna make this scenario a huge deal, this was fun for me to make and I hope, if you decide to try it out you have fun playing.


May 03, 2021 CPRBird 74


May 03, 2021 GreenWizard 153

Super cool. I've been working on making some custom scenarios myself. Nice to see someone else is doing it too.

May 03, 2021 Clade 1

You should post this to the lotrlcg subreddit on Reddit, I think the people there would really enjoy it!

May 04, 2021 A.R. 114

The download link leads to your Gmail account.

May 04, 2021 nelloianiro 642

@A.R. Thanks. I have updated the link. Should work now.

@Clade Good idea, my dad posted it on there for me.

May 04, 2021 Alonewolf87 1149

@nelloianiroin that link there is only the o8d file, not the xml set folder

May 04, 2021 KingDom 38

My bad everyone. I was supposed to be helping with how to share this and it looks like I failed. It should have both files in there now. Let me know if people need anything else it order for this to work.

May 04, 2021 pconnors 186

Very cool! Do you have a printable link to try it out in person?

May 05, 2021 Alonewolf87 1149

@KingDomyou need the folder containing the xml set too (the one with all the letters and numbers as a name and containing usually a Cards subfolder and the xml file), so that it can be properly matched with the o8d file

May 05, 2021 KingDom 38

@Alonewolf87 I updated it with the folder. We aren't skilled enough to have made custom images yet so we just let OCTGN load the generic ones.