Eighteen Decks, No Proxies: Silvan (1/18)

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Shellin 388

I set out to craft as many decks as possible using my collection (3x cores, 1x of everything else excluding the 2p starter set, and including the ALeP deluxe) and managed to make 18 total decks before I ran out of sleeves and storage space for them. This is one of those decks. My intent with these decks was to be able to grab two of them at a time and play either 2p or two-handed, so some are very much not solo viable.

When I sat down to start crafting these decks I got a lot of advice pointing toward trying to make trait themed decks to be able maximize the number of decks I could have built at any one time. So I started with what I figured would be one of the easiest ones, Silvans. So there isn't much here that is super exciting. This is the traditional Celeborn/Galadriel/Thranduil lineup. It would obviously function better with Steward and Unexpected Courages, but I find that O'Lorien is usually enough to keep playing allies, especially with Thranduil's ability to ignore resource matches. That is a bit of a non-bo with Galadriel's ability unfortunately, and is often why I see this deck with Steward so you can afford put out an ally in both the planning and combat phases. Still a fun deck of Silvans hopping in-and-out of play.