Eighteen Decks, No Proxies: Pipes (9/18)

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Eighteen Decks, No Proxies 9-12
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Shellin 388

I set out to craft as many decks as possible using my collection (3x cores, 1x of everything else excluding the 2p starter set, and including the ALeP deluxe) and managed to make 18 total decks before I ran out of sleeves and storage space for them. This is one of those decks. My intent with these decks was to be able to grab two of them at a time and play either 2p or two-handed, so some are very much not solo viable.

Well, I only had one copy of Wizard Pipe left thanks to Radagast wanting them (and Word of Command) with his Eagles, so I decided to use the MotK Bilbo trick to make sure I had it in hand at the start. Readying effects are also in short supply thanks to Saruman stealing two Unexpected Courages. So, I decided to leverage Frodo's ability to make sure I got the most out of Gandalf. He can also help ready across the table if the situation calls for it, but readying Gandalf who can then Narya and maybe get a third use with Shadowfax seemed like a fun idea to build a deck around. The cost curve would have to be fairly low since I don't have much resource generation left and Frodo will be pitching one each round, so I settled on Pipes to be able to Smoke and Think my way into some of the larger allies. There were enough uniques in the deck that I figured I could Ziggy/Stargaze my way into some resources and be able to save the other Mining tech for the Dwarf deck.