Eighteen Decks, No Proxies: Elrond GW (13/18)

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Eighteen Decks, No Proxies 13-16
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Shellin 388

I set out to craft as many decks as possible using my collection (3x cores, 1x of everything else excluding the 2p starter set, and including the ALeP deluxe) and managed to make 18 total decks before I ran out of sleeves and storage space for them. This is one of those decks. My intent with these decks was to be able to grab two of them at a time and play either 2p or two-handed, so some are very much not solo viable.

I don't much care for either Grey Wanderer or Vilya decks, so I figured I would just smash them together here. The contract will allow Elrond to ready after Vilya so he can still quest and help out with combat, then the rest of the deck is just basically the best allies I still had available in the binders at this point. No Stargazers left meant that this would be a blind Vilya every round, so I figured I would try to minimize the chances for a dead Vilya as much as possible. It can still happen with some back luck, and the deck doesn't really have any great ways of digging for the ring, so it is going to be much less consistent than a typical Vilya deck, but I figured the low threat should buy a few turns to hopefully draw into it if the Mulligan doesn't go my way.