Eighteen Decks, No Proxies: Dunedain (14/18)

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Eighteen Decks, No Proxies 13-16
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Shellin 388

I set out to craft as many decks as possible using my collection (3x cores, 1x of everything else excluding the 2p starter set, and including the ALeP deluxe) and managed to make 18 total decks before I ran out of sleeves and storage space for them. This is one of those decks. My intent with these decks was to be able to grab two of them at a time and play either 2p or two-handed, so some are very much not solo viable.

I don't play a ton of Dunedain decks, which is a bummer since I tend to actually really like the mechanic. They're another one of those trait based archetypes that has some resource acceleration and card draw baked right into it, so not having some staple cards wasn't too big of a hinderance. I wanted to go Quad-sphere and finally try out all of the new card from the Vengeance of Mordor cycle, so Celebrian's Stone is a pretty vital mulligan target here. The deck is probably a bit light on card draw, with only the Sarn Ford Sentries preventing top-decking issues, but I didn't have many other options available to me at this point. So this deck is definitely a good target to pair with the Saruman deck or any of the decks that happen to have Gleowine handy.