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prince 24

This deck was inspired by the fact that I've made a bunch of friends playing this game, and I was trying to think of a thematic way to show my appreciation. This is especially true for the content-producers out there! All of the bloggers, podcasters, youtubers, who help support and promote this game: you guys are all awesome and deserve a ton of credit!

So this deck has a ton of healing, so I can have your guys' backs when the dark forces of Middle Earth try to tear you down. Obviously, you can't have a healing deck without Elrond.

I then chose Merry and Pippin because they embody the depth of friendship and love that two people, even when separated by hundreds of miles, can have for each other.

Obviously getting action-advantage on Elrond is important, hence LoV and Unexpected Courage, because once Vilyan hits the table there's going to be no end to the healing and support for other players. Popping Fast Hitch on Merry can also lead to you reducing your threat by multiple times each round in a multiplayer game!

Let me know what you guys think. Any healing combos that I missed?


Jul 21, 2016 WanderingTook 1244

Love it!

Unfortunately, Fast Hitch doesn't enable Merry to trigger his ability multiple times because there is no action window between cards when in staging. That said, it does let Merry quest every turn and still leave him ready to trigger.

Ironically, this deck might fit in nicely in a game of Breaking of the Fellowship...

Jul 21, 2016 prince 24

@WanderingTookah that's right, thanks! I've never actually played with the deck and created it on a whim. But yes I agree it might be good in that quest