The Long Arm of Mordor Solo Progression

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Copterman 37

This is an improved version of this original deck.

  • Select Khaliel as the Objective-Hero
  • Starting hand: Strider + a 2-willpower ally is very helpful early on so that you can play both round 1 and have 6 questing points out of the gate.
  • Select Beorn as the first hero rescued. Use Honour Guard, Close Call, and Feint to keep Beorn from getting damaged early on.
  • Select Glorfindel as the second hero rescued. Use Light of Valinor, Fair and Perilous, and Quick Strike to keep engaged enemies off the board.
  • Select Frodo as the third hero rescued. Use Ring Mail x 2 and Arwen to buff him for defense and also his ability when needed.
  • Use Ancient Mathom and The White Council for card draw. Dwarven Tomb great for recycling Ancient Mathoms.
  • Hasty Stroke can save you from additional attacks.