Big Hero Six

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Zeromage 246

The goal of this deck is to have six "heroes" out: Denethor, Cirdan, Beravor, Gandalf, Treebeard and Glorfindel.

You want to mulligan for Steward of Gondor. Once you have that on Cirdan you should be in good shape. I've used this deck to defeat Nightmare Encounter at Amon Din (first and only try!) Nightmare Journey down the Anduin (multiple times) and several other difficult quests, so it's a VERY strong deck, and loads of fun to play. (against JDtA make your you mulligan for Elrond's council in your first hand, or you're obviously in trouble).

Ideally you'll want to play treebeard early. And obviously you'll be using Narya on Treebeard and Gandalf, giving you 10 attack each round!

The deck is in three spheres, but the resource smoothing makes it completely un-noticable. (Envoy, Denethor, and Errand Riders).

The Erebor Hammermiths are there to get your attachments back in your hand to continuously ready Glorfindel. (I find I always have plenty of "useless" cards to chuck to him).

I've thought about adding Will of the West into the deck (as I usually cycle through the entire deck in the course of the game) or Test of Wills, but so far I've found it unnecessary. Granted I haven't played every quest in the game with this deck, but the INCREDIBLY hard quests I have played, I've routinely dominated. I find myself using Beravor for her card draw nearly every turn. Once Cirdan has light of valinor on him, you're basically just questing with him and readying Gandalf and Treebeard.

You'll be amazed at the amount of actions you can get out of your three BIG allies. each turn.

Hope you enjoy!!!


Jul 29, 2016 Zeromage 246

I'll also add that Narya with Treebeard is an INSANE combo if you have built up lot of resources on Treebeard.

Aug 03, 2016 Aorakis 582

Would defenatly add heed the dream, to grab steward of gondor faster if unlucky at turn1.

Happy to see Beravor anyway !