Warriors of Gondor

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DerBK 2

A deck built to be part of a two-handed go through the Dream-Chaser campaign. Hirgon provides cheap access to Deorwine or Defender of Cair Andros so i can start efficiently blocking those corsairs right away. A Raiment of War can go on those defenders to help out immensely. Prince Imrahil grabs more bodies for the counter attacks: Beorn, Marksman of Lorien and Riddermark Knight are what you want to see from him, but any of the other 3 attack dudes will also do in a pinch. Mablung funds all of those shenanigans. If we have to engage a bunch of corsairs with each ship that comes down, we might as well get paid for it :)

I'm quite happy with the deck, but there are few things i would want to tweak. Blade of Gondolin was included to make Foe-Hammer more reliable, but it's probably just rubbish. I probably want the third Spearman. I'd also like the third Beorn... but i don't have a third Core^^ So... toss the Blades and add a Spearman and a Beorn instead.