legolas plz carry us :(

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kevinrbrown 6

FROM: reallegolas TO: Report Desk SUBJECT: reporting abusive player behavior and poor sportsmanship

hello, i played a game this afternoon with grey_gandalf_wizzard and GaladrielBae25 and want to report these players for giving an incredibly negative experience

first off GaladrielBae25 refused to quest with the team, refused to attack enemies and spent almost all of their time just looking through everyone's inventory. when i tried to talk to them about what they were doing, they spammed 'lolthlorien' in chat or told me they were 'getting things organized'

grey_gandalf_wizzard kept talking about how he was 'hitting the pipe' and then got mad because GaladrielBae25 kept intentionally dropping his gear out of the inventory to troll him. then at some point his rare mount got lost and he started blaming GaladrielBae25 for it and she just kept spamming 'lolthlorien'

at that point grey_gandalf_wizzard stopped playing too and i had to finish the the quest for the rest of the team with no help even though the other 2 'heroes' got the same rewards and quest completion achievements as me without doing any work

these kind of experiences ruin the fun of the game. please suspend these player accounts

This is a squishy support deck designed to efficiently dismantle enemies that become engaged with other players that have bigger, meatier defenders.

Sometimes Galadriel will pull out the Wizard Pipe and Shadowfax and Gandalf can just go crazy... sometimes Galadiel will just say 'lololololthlorien' and dump that key technology you needed into the discard pile, and Legolas will just have to sigh and brute force his way through the adventure.