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A Path Less Travelled: The Black Gate Opens
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Inkling 68


Nov 05, 2021 serre 94

kinda a hit or miss deck... if you do not see vilya in your first 10 cards appear it's going to be slow imo. and what does Banner of Elendil doing in this deck?

Nov 05, 2021 Inkling 68

I only played the scenario with these two decks three times. All three times starting hand or mulligan had Vilya.

For more consistency I’d replace the 3x sterner than steel for 3x heed the dream. You could even use leadership resources from other side to search whole deck. Could also add in word of command. Elronds lord resource match would allow both cards being used without wizard pipe in play. That should guarantee Vilya by turn 2 or 3 at the latest.

Banner of elendil is for campaign mode. The attack boost helps the Vilya deck kill the bigger enemies and the willpower boost really adds to the outlands deck in the late game (up to 15-20+ willpower). My main goal was to hold off threating out so huge willpower pushes are needed and then you can ready all the outlands characters with the strength of arms event.