Lady of Light - Smooth Sailing

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Zoomiewoop 18

This deck is built only using cards from the Core, Hobbit Saga #1, the Voice/Ringmaker cycle and the Grey Havens/Dreamchaser cycle.

The deck starts out quite vulnerable but can build itself up nicely. It focuses on four things: questing high; keeping threat low; card draw; resource generation. It also has a decent amount of encounter deck/shadow card denial. Its major weakness is fighting.

Questing high is accomplished quickly if Galadriel gets Nenya, which should be a priority. With Nenya, the 3 heroes already quest for 9. Thanks to Galadriel's card text, allies that come in don't have to exhaust to quest on their first turn, which means you can still chump block with them if necessary. The combo of Narya and Faramir also allows you to use Faramir's ability twice, giving all allies a +2 boost when questing. With this, it is possible to quest regularly in the 20's or 30's one you have four or five allies out.

Reducing threat allows one to avoid enemies, and this deck needs to do that since it can't fight very well. Threat is reduced through Galadriel's card text, Greeting of the Galadhrim, and Gandalf. The Greeting and Gandalf can also be reused thanks to Dwarven Tomb and Sneak Attack. Sometimes, though you will want to use Gandalf for card draw. Galadriel's Handmaidens also lower threat by 1 each time they come in.

Card draw is done again through Galadriel and Cirdan's abilities, Galadriel's mirror, and Gandalf. This enables getting to key cards much faster, as well as getting what you need for the quest or situation you find yourself in.

Resource generation is accomplished through Theodred's ability and Steward of Gondor. Once you get a single Steward of Gondor out, you will be generating 6 resources per turn.

Lastly, you have denial with Hasty Stroke and A Test of Will.

If you are forced to face a big enemy, or if you start with enemies engaged with you, you will be in trouble, and it will be an uphill battle until you can get enough allies to deal with the problem, since the deck lacks attachments to boost defense and fighting power. But in many cases, you can keep threat low and just cruise your way to victory with super high questing power.


Nov 23, 2021 GreenWizard 268

Nicely done! Excited to see what else you put out!

Nov 23, 2021 Zoomiewoop 18

@GreenWizardThank you. That is very kind of you!

Nov 23, 2021 trash4toto 7

Hello. Nicely done. I like this kind of deck. I was looking for a deck with Cirdan ;) I'll try this one for sure. Keep going with this kind of good work ;)

Nov 25, 2021 AutumnRose 468

It's cool to see Theodred get some good use. He was one of my favorite heroes when I first got into this game. I should get him back out again.