the Gollum Show 2: the Old Forest v.0.4

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The Oath - 1 Player - 2022-01-14
The Old Forest - 1 Player - 2022-01-16
The Old Forest - 1 Player - 2022-01-18
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AltarofPan 41

published for Dragncards. not complete.. this is only a test.

continuing on Smeagols random solo adventures (random quest, random heroes (other than Smealgol).

this time Erkenbrand and Ioreth are tagging along into The Old Forest. hmm.

resist the urge to pay full-price for Gandalf. ..and don't forget Smeagols card draw.. this is a location-heavy quest.

turn one-two is all about getting willpower on the table. mulligan for Soldier of Isengard, Quickbeam, or A Good Harvest/Galadriel combo, ar a Gandalf with Horns! Horns! Horns! or Sneak Attack.

01.17.22 - due the decks starting threat of 14, the doomed cards have yet to pose an issue. in fact replacing a card with Legacy of Numenor wouldn't be a problem. note: this deck is meant for solo play.