Palantir Interrogation

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Beorn 5919

Note: Forest Patrol is a proxy for the new event Interrogation, from The Drowned Ruins.

In the rare cases where another player is not using Steward of Gondor, Core Denethor can be substituted for Leadership Denethor and you can include 3 copies of Steward of Gondor. Leadership Denethor's ability also gives you free resource smoothing among your heroes. As it stands this deck is a bit resource constrained, so it plays better next to a deck that can share the wealth.

This is one of the more unusual decks I've ever designed. An extreme encounter-control deck, to the point where it doesn't really do anything else - this deck is not designed for solo play. The central strategy is attach Palantir to Denethor and get a trap (either Ranger Spikes or Forest Snare is fine) attached to a high-threat enemy. Then, we can use Interrogation to scry and manipulate the top of the encounter deck for optimal use of Palantir.

Various other cards allow us to peek at the top and/or remove the top card. Core Denethor's ability is useful, but until we get unexpected courage he cannot use it on the same turn he gazes upon the Palantir. This is where Henamarth, Celduin Traveler and Ithilien Lookout all come to his aid. The Galadhrim Weaver is included to shuffle Interrogation or other critical events back into our deck. In cases where the top of the deck is dangerous, we can either use Denethor's ability to put the card on the bottom of the deck or use Out of the Wild to remove it from the game.

Eleanor and A Test of Will (backed by Dwarven Tomb and the Weavers) should protect against the most brutal treacheries. Clever use of the Travelers and Lookouts can avoid nasty locations and enemies, but the traps should be saved for the most threatening foes (that aren't immune). For scenarios with more surge, multiple copies of the Minas Tirith Lampwright can be subbed in and they work wonders when you can consistently looking deeper into the encounter deck. This is probably the most extreme example of a support deck I've ever made, but it should pair well in multiplayer with a couple of more traditional decks. Interrogation is an interesting card, and I look forward to seeing how other players make use of it.