Gondorian Swarm

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In Defense of Gondor
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Sep 03, 2016 Aorakis 404

I have a pretty similar deck

But i use balin

i put steward of gondor on him, so i get real nice shadow control aswell as i can add those "We're not idle" to get ressource and draw ! He also can have kind under the mountain that can get rid of copy cards. And narvi belt allow him to play gondor allies from other sphere.

Personnaly i would put 3 reinforcement and remove 1 captain's wisdom !

Reinforcement is a card you almost want in hand 1st turn.

And that's all i have to say ^^

cheers ;)

Sep 04, 2016 DukeWellington 164

There are many flavors of the Gondorian Swarm. I am not claiming originality. This one is built specifically for the team (no deck description, just team description). I can't criticize the 3 Reinforcements/2 Captain's Wisdom tweak, but overall I would say having more resources to help the green player is ussually better than having Reinforcements, which is mainly used for Gandalf and Elrond (from the other deck). Balin might be overkill because Ambush recycle enables most shadow effects to be skipped anyway. In any event, thanks for the feedback :-)