Dwarves of Durin - Starter Deck - adapted

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Aoefree 38


Nov 18, 2022 Dandarg 1

i use this deck i like it a lot i did some minor adjustments so i added max kili and fili and max ered luin miner. however i never tend to use a very good tale i dont see this as such an useful cards. also i dont have bifur, bofur and dwalin as an ally. i am wondering something. what deck would fit good besides this as playing 2 handed? im thinking about thalin, dwalin and bifur as heroes but i dont know about the rest of the deck anyone ideas for a second deck to play 2 handed that compliments this deck?

Nov 25, 2022 Aoefree 38

Hi Dandarg, this was just an early experiment when I was learning about dwarf decks. I have found a great second deck to be another dwarf deck as you get even more benefit from the global effect of Dain. It's nice to do two dual sphere decks. As a suggestion you could try Lore and Tactics dwarves on one team and Leadership and Spirit on the other.

Sep 16, 2023 Dandarg 1

Can you share that deck with us so 2 dwarf decks for 2 handed play that include dain, ori, nori, bifur and some. Others.

Also Im trying to make this 2 handed 3 sphere decks.

One is dain, ori, nori.

Second is bifur, legolas core, and gimli race across the harad and make give legolas the dwarf trait.