Dwarves Through Dwarrowdelf (2/2)

Questlogs using this decklist
Into the Pit - 2 Players - 2022-10-27
The Seventh Level - 1 Player - 2022-10-28
Flight from Moria - 2 Players - 2022-10-28
The Redhorn Gate - 2 Players - 2022-11-01
Road to Rivendell - 2 Players - 2022-11-02
The Watcher in the Water - 2 Players - 2022-11-05
The Long Dark - 2 Players - 2022-11-05
Passage Through Mirkwood - 2 Players - 2022-11-06
Shadow and Flame - 2 Players - 2022-11-17
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Dwarves Through Dwarrowdelf
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SleepingStar 29

Dwarf themed deck for the Dwarrowdelf cycle - has been successful through all 9 quests double-handed in support of 'Dwarves Through Dwarrowdelf (1/2)' deck.

  • Provides questing and attacking support for the main deck through Dain's ability, being able to keep him ready through Cram, Lure of Moria and Erebor Record Keeper if you need to exhaust during questing or combat (such as making use of his great defence).
  • Accelerate your board state by taking early damage on Gloin to generate resources so that you can have five Dwarves in play as soon as possible, to activate Ori's draw ability.
  • Further enhance Gloin's resource generation through Dwarven Shield and Self Preservation - Dwarf allies don't usually come cheap so any help is welcome!
  • Feel free to drop Dwarven Sellsword into play whenever you feel you need a push in any of the phases or even to chump-block, since you can always retrieve again through To Me! O My Kinsfolk! Don't forget they can even be used for A Very Good Tale in the refresh phase before discarding if you don't wish to pay the upkeep cost.