A Very Rohan Christmas

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GrandSpleen 643

Ho ho ho! Merrrry Christmas! Santa Théoden is here to bestow gifts upon your entire Fellowship. With Santa this year is his trusty reindeer Rudolfhelm and plenty of other reindeer to go around the table. Surely somewhere out there is an Elf who made plenty of toys for little Elflings, and refrained from snooty comments about mortals for at least a week. That guy gets Asfaloth.

And presents, presents for everyone! What will be under your tree this year? If you were a good little Hobbit perhaps you will find an Ancient Mathom. Santa's bag has plenty of allies whose joy in life is to go and visit other sides of the table, for does not the carol say "faithful friends who are dear to us, gather near to us?" Ceorl and Rider of the Mark will join you in a cup of cheer.

But watch out friends: the Grínch might be lurking nearby to darken your holidays with thoughts of Doom! But even the Grínch gets into the holiday spirit. His dog Max may bestow cards upon you. And when the Grínch sees all the Whos of Whooville cooperating and working together, well, his small heart may grow three sizes. The Grínch's gift to one lucky adventurer is the very keys to his own tower. Or he may just grínch you after all and keep them for himself.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Dec 19, 2016 Aorakis 391

Such a shame Lore heros doesn't get like +1HP if they get a mount attached...

Nice to see grima back anyway ! I hate the character in the book as i love the hero ability in the game ! ;)