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Journey Along the Anduin - 1 Player - 2023-09-05
The Oath - 1 Player - 2023-09-13
The Caves of Nibin-Dûm - 1 Player - 2023-09-19
The Hunt for Gollum - 1 Player - 2023-09-25
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Sarus85 121

Just trying out an early progression style deck as I have the dark of Mirkwood campaign I haven't tried out still as yet but rather than just a deck with the whole collection available to take it on I thought I would try to make it a bit more like your taking it on early with just a core and the first cycle of cards available just to give me a few options still as with the old style core set I still don't have to many cards compared to the newer set.

I've decided to use lore and leadership just to give a few more options with healing and card draw and then the resource generation from Theodred to either make full use of Aragorn or feed Beravor maybe an extra resource depending on the situation of the game as she also has that card draw ability but just pretty flexible stat wise.

Otherwise there isn't to much to say as there are somewhat limited options given the pool of cards available. No cancellation and threat reduction for one thing which could be a problem as Aragorn is pretty heavy threat wise. But card draw healing and resources at least shouldn't be to much of a problem and hopefully gaining access to Faramir early will help power up the questing potential of the whole deck to quest. But I'm looking forward to taking on the new quests.