Wisdom and Wizardy Upgrade

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LOTR: Saga Fellowship of the Ring Upgrade
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Fanon 9

Fanon has a newer deck inspired by this one: Wisdom and Wizardy Upgrade

My decks include only cards from reprinted sets beggining with the Revised core set. -This deck is meant to be played with the upgraded version of the Stealth and Steadfastness deck. -No special reason for having Leadership Aragorn, Théodred just died in the first quest and we replaced him with Aragorn (Celebrían's Stone fits him quite nicely). -I didn't want to change the idea of the deck too much, just make it more consistent. It's main task is to quest and control when revealed/shadow effects. -Cards that were in both decks are now always just in one of them, where it made more sense for me. -I kept some high-cost cards so that Flame of Anor still deals tons of damage (Faramir, Grim Resolve). -I am always including only 2 pieces of unique cards. For example Gandalf's equipment. Since there is some Equipment recursion and card draw, I figured it should be enough.