Into Fangorn - "Progression" 1/2

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Into Fangorn - "Progression"
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Sir RageQuit 28

Not the most fun quest, but not bad. These 2 decks did excellent. You start at Quest 1, and you have finish that within 3 rounds to get to Quest 2, otherwise, you go to like a penalty Quest 3 before you can go back to Quest 2.

We had most success when we ignored trying to finish Quest 1, and just resigned ourselves to going to Quest 3. Reason being, even if you finish Quest 1, it's hard to beat Quest 2 before you have a good board state. If you don't beat Quest 2 in time, you go back to Quest 3 anyway. So our strategy was to punt Stage 1, and do everything possible to get our board state looking good, while killing off enemies and clearing locations. By the time we got to Quest 2, we usually blasted through it in one round with massive questing.

The downsides to taking this slow is, of course, threat. But we have numerous cards that lower our threat. Other massive downside is there is a Treachery card that requires you do deal damage to chars equal to the number of chars you have in play. This is basically a game-ending Treachery, because you need tons of allies to win this. That's the only reason I play Eleanor. Leave her active for no other reason than to cancel that Treachery. Also, save any Test of Will for the exact same reason. Never use Eleanor nor Test of Will to do anything other than cancel the ally killing Treachery.

Use the Lampwright only for canceling surge.

Light of Valinor is huge to get on Elrond, so it's usually worth taking a mulligan if you don't get LoV in your first draw.

Aside from that, the decks should be obvious. Deck 1 gets questing allies, lowers threat. Ideally you get Unexpected Courage, Vilya, and Light of Valinor for Elrond. Deck 2 kills everything. Legolas is great at putting 2 quest points as he kills stuff. If Vilya is in play, then Unexpected Courage should go on Elrond, and use him every round to play a card. If Vilya is not out, it's probably best on Legolas first.

Note that Deck 1 is also set up so Vilya's ability will successfully put something in play.