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WanderingTook 932

WanderingTook has updated this deck: Last Deck Standing


Tired of having your friends claim all of the best uniques? Fine then, screw them all!


This deck contributes absolutely nothing to the game, except another encounter card during staging. Oh sure, you could pitch in a few willpower, but it's probably safer for Hobbits to hang back, considering cards like Necromancers Reach exist.

Sure, you won't be killing any dragons, and the group's efforts may go down in flames; but you can take solace in the fact that your friends will die first.


  • Mulligan for Hobbit Pipe or Bilbo Baggins.
  • Always activate Pippin to force your friends to deal with all of the enemies.
  • Keep your threat down with Galadriel and the events.
  • Nenya is present just for the icon. Only use Galadriel for threat reduction/card draw.
  • If you're feeling generous, then send everybody to the quest.... yoink, just kidding! Elevenses time.


This deck hasn't beaten a single quest, but it's always been the last one standing!


Mar 24, 2017 WanderingTook 932

Superceded by because Galadriel is not a Hobbit. Maybe one day she will be...