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Escape from Dol Guldur - 1 Player - 2024-06-11
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Tenar 6

Gondor Swarm + Galadriel

Visionary Leadership + Faramir for oodles of willpower. Takes a while to get going.

The two most important cards are Nenya and Steward. Nenya is crucial in the early game to hold off questing but if another deck can cover that mulliganing for Steward might be more important. This hypothetical other deck is also useful if you don't have an ally yet and don't want to send Boromir questing.

Galadriel's card drawing lets you use Steward Denthor's resources so put an Unexpected Courage on her.

Previous draft had For Gondor! but the extra attack was found unnecessary in most scenarios


Jun 11, 2024 Louise 1

This was a fun deck to use, and an excellent first introduction to the Gondor faction for me. I loved how Galadriel and the Gondor gang interacted to generate a lot of willpower. I also really loved Knight of Belfalas in this deck. I need to get a better understanding of how the 'swap resources' mechanic works, or perhaps the scenario didn't allow me to bring it into play properly. In the end, I left those attachments and allies out, but I had a lot of fun with the other cards.

Thank you for sharing and for your notes!