A Noob's Tri-Sphere Deck from Core Set 1

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Back to Basics - A Killer Deck Using Cards from 1 Core Set 335 256 36 1.0
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A Noob's Tri-Sphere Deck from Core Set 1 v2 0 0 0 1.0
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Phoenix224 2

Phoenix224 has a newer deck inspired by this one: A Noob's Tri-Sphere Deck from Core Set 1 v2

I'm a new player, I played, and lost, my first game on Scenario 1 using the prebuilt Leadership and Lore decks.

So, I took a step back, did some reading, found this site as started looking at the "Hall of Fame" decks.

I do have 3 expansions, but wanted to get a handle on the game using the Core Set before venturing off.

I came across @Xanalor's "Back to Basics" deck and thought it was great.

I mimicked that deck, but then tweaked a little bit, trading Beravor for Denethor,removing Beorn, and adding a few more cards up to 50.

I replayed Scenario 1, won it in 11 rounds, didn't lost any heroes, and learned a lot. My score was 150, which I'm certain isn't very good, but hey, it was my 2nd game ever.

Happy to have any feedback!