Noldor for solo, get a 4/5cost ally each turn

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Agressive deck series #3 - Noldor 30 22 6 1.0
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Thematic Solo Aggro Noldor 1 0 0 1.0
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Rouxxor 1163

Here is a funny deck who seem garbage but are in fact very consistent. You draw a lot with Galdor. First because you mulligan every card except steward or the the sea, daeron's rune, to the sea, heed the dream, a very good tale, quickbeam and henamarth. And sometime Gildor when you already have to the sea, to the sea next to him.

So you redraw an entire hand. You play a big ally (Glorfindel from hand or discard pile or Gildor) with to the sea, to the sea effect. So you discard a large part of your hand. You still play steward and everything you can play on this turn. And redraw an entire hand on turn two or three thanks to Galdor. It is better to draw faster than try to play all the cards. You want a lot of cards, not a specific one (except steward and to the sea because they allow you to play more cards). You have heed the dream to help you even more to get this perfect hand on turn one.

Steward alway go on Arwen. With her you over-use elven-light. Discard it with Arwen and play it immedialty. Then discard it for to the sea, to the sea to reduce the cost on an ally and draw another cards. Then put elven jeweler in play and discard it again. Later you ready Glorfindel. Even multiple elven-light are good because you can discard them all for to the sea, to the sea! and bring them all in hand for the next turn.

We even play one will of the west. I'm usualy don't like this card because when our deck is empty we usually already loose or win, no matter what we can or can't play. Here this is different because we draw SO many cards, and we feel free to discard some cards because we can get them in a few turns with will of the west. Sometime you discard it with a very good tale so you won't be able to get your deck another time but it is not a big deal. Playing will of the west also allow me to get more threat reduction and a test of will, so I don't need to keep them for a disastrous situation. I play them as soon as it help me, even a little.

The other end-game card is lord of the Eldar. With that I can boost all the Noldor. I first think it is useless but I sometime need it to defeat big bosses. I can even play it multiple times in a turn with elven-light and Glorfindel ability.