Caldara post-errata for Multiplayer

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Rouxxor 1163

With the 1.9 FAQ ( we are forced to change our approach of several games mechanics. One of them are Caldara decks. Once based upon the multiple sacrifice and resurection of Caldara we now can only do it once per game.

Only a few days after this major change Seastan already got a new decks to show us: Caldara 2.0 with a lot of stuff from the old build but now based on Narya. We can't do quantity raise but we will do quality one, and use those expensive allies with Narya and a very good tale. Since it is not as efficient of the old Caldara (who was one of the very best decks) he is still a good deck.

But Seastan's list didn't accomplish my goal: having a list who can challenge any adventure without using the sideboard to adapt your deck. I try since to do so, trying to balance different important aspect of the game and still keeping the regularity of the deck.

As I say Narya is the masterpiece of the deck. A beginning hand without Narya will probably suffer a mulligan. It not only give untap, boosting defense and defense but also access to the leadership sphere. We try also to have big allies (Prince Imrahil, Glorfindel and Jubayr) very soon as steward of gondor and a very good tale. Those cards allow us a huge start so we can deal even with the early enemies.

our major differences are about resource generation (steward and legacy) instead of allies that don't fit well in our plan so we prefer than our partner play, like heal or boosting Jubayr defense.