Boromir / Legolas / Gimli polyvalent and strong support

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Rouxxor 1014

This deck is a reboot of my previous Boromir / Legolas deck ( who was really strong but a little bit boring to play. With new and exciting version of Legolas we try another way to build this "fight them all" deck.

Is major purpose is to be played with my Elrond / Gandalf / Glorfindel deck .

You must protect and stand for the beginning (turn 1/2). After that Gandalf deck is usually able to manage everything on his own.

So you want to get a good start, block and kill some enemies so you start further turn without problem. This is possible with a lot of attachment for Boromir / Gimli and Legolas, almost all for only 1 resources.

With spirit sphere you can play a test of will (one of the best cards of the game), unexpected courage on Legolas

We have legacy of numenor and steward of gondor to feed ally resources. After that we usually give each turn our Denethor's resource.

We have plenty of stuff for our hero. Boromir take gondorian shield, capitain of gondor, sword of numenor. With Arwen Bonus it is a 6 defense hero with sentinel who block 2 times or block then attack. Legolas get one blade in one hand and a blow in the other one, and a third bow somewhere else. He receive unexpected courage so he shot every single enemy who sneak out. Gimli receive another gondorian shield and dwarven shield

With unlikely friendship we play only 47 cards and get a free resource. Very powerful. We also get 3 we are not iddle and usually don't exhaust gimli so it is just in order to play 44 cards.

And finally we play the most useful card to lower the threat : double back and secret vigil.