Gandalf the White

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GregLord 27

(As a note: RingsDB would not let me publish with Hero Gandalf and ally Gandalf in the deck. Since the deck is considered separate from the Heroes, I believe the ally version can be included just not played at the same time. To bring to my original deck replace 3x Glorfindel with OhuHGandalf).

This deck is called Gandalf the White because it allows Gandalf to be sacrificed and then brings out the OHuH ally version (which is stronger in most stats and doesn't have to exhaust to quest).

Combined with Light of Valinor and Narya on Cirdan you can quest for 8 without any exhaustion and then have multiple defenses/ attacks. The Fall of Gil-Galad makes sure you have a low enough threat to keep Gandalf on the table.

This deck works well against multiple types of quests as it can quest for 7 out of the gate with less concern about undefended attacks since Gandalf has lots of hit-points to spare and can be sacrificed once you have pieces in hand to make up for his loss. I have tested against Journey Along the Anduin, Helm's Deep, The Battle of Five Armies, and the Ring Goes South.

To work optimally there are a copy of cards needed; however card draw from Cirdan, galadriel, the mirror, etc. makes it more likely those pieces are obtained. Alternate allies and resource acceleration also work to increase deck consistency.

Key cards (in approximate order of importance):

  • Mirror (Grabs other key cards)
  • Narya (Allows play of steward and buffs/ readies allies; goes on Cirdan)
  • Steward (Pay for big allies; goes on Galadriel to pay for Lore cards)
  • Fall of Gil-Galad (Keeps threat low for OHuH Gandalf; can get with minstrel, mirror, or gather info)
  • Ally gandalf (allows high questing and combat)
  • Nenya (Pays for lore allies if healing needed or if minstrel is needed to find the Fall of Gil-Galad)
  • Silver Harp (increases card draw as cards do not need to be discarded, helps with mirror)

The light of Valinor goes on Cirdan to quest; unexpected courages generally go on galadriel to use nenya and ability.

I mulligan for the mirror, unless I have a lot of other pieces. While the card draw, rivendell minstrel, etc. make it not difficult to find the Fall of Gil-Galad, if I am up against a fast hitting quest and either need Gandalf to quest and then die from undefended attacks, I will prioritize getting this piece quickly.


May 03, 2018 The BGamerJoe 3368

Great idea for a deck! I got to play several quests with it and wrote up my impressions from the deck on my blog:

I beat a wide variety of quests with it including some nightmare quests. Nice work.