My Caldara deck (or take THAT Morgul Vale!)

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Mortendall 365

For my thematic campaign play, I got severely stuck at Morgul vale. I think I have tried it more than 30 times before I caved in, and designed a power deck. I wanted something with Gondor theme - I tried ranger trap (my against the shadow campaign deck) but got location locked. I tried mono tactics Gondor and got location locked. I tried mono leadership Gondor, but lacked combat power. I even tried my Dumb Outlands deck, and got very close, but lost two times on my last turn. I almost invoked Alternate Universe rule, and give myself the win (in one instance, I lost due to a threat increase of 8, and if that phas ehad finished, I would have won...). but I wanted the real thing. And then it hit me, there was one Gondor type I had not tried - Caldara. I toyed around with the idea of a Beregond, Caldara, Elenor deck but decided it wouldn't really work as well without a discard outlet. So ultimately I decided to go for Seastan's constellation because it works so well. And I beat Morgul Vale in round 7 on my 4th attempt.

The deck works like Seastan's Caldara ( and he has some very good instructions for how you run it. basically you burn Caldara's ability in round 1-2, preferably after you have Imrahil in play to maximise the ability. Fill the discard pile with allies using Arwen, Cirdan and Elven Light (the lack of this abiliy is why it is so tough to make a Caldara deck without the Noldor). In the perfect opening hand, you want Glorfindel, Imrahil, Narya, Light of Valinor and Elven light (in that priority). Glorfindel is a powerhouse. He offers repeated discard, high willpower and high attack. I relied on him for much of my damage output.

Next most important thing is Narya. When Light of Valinor is on Cirdan, you can use Narya every round and ready Glorfindel, and either Imrahil or a Northern tracker (which I used for blocking where I want the blocker to survive). I really underestimated Narya in the right deck. It is super strong here, and was more often than not providing the final point of damage required. Note that this edition do not use Jubayr - instead I relied on chump blocking, or blocking with Northern Tracker.

Final note, Gandalf was included to provide card draw, threat reduction and to defeat the Nazgul. He often served as a blocker too. the old sneak+Gandalf worked wonders once Narya is on Cirdan.

Again, check out Seastan's fantastic deck here, which takes this concept to a whole other level