Win Condition 6: Kill the Hill Troll on Turn 1

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Win Condition 7: Beat a Quest with this Deck 2 0 10 1.0
[Puzzle] How many Hill Troll can you kill on Turn 1 ? 2 1 25 1.0
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Seastan 32146

Seastan has a newer deck inspired by this one: Win Condition 7: Beat a Quest with this Deck

You're playing Journey Along the Anduin. Can you kill the Hill Troll on turn 1? Here are the rules:

  1. You will construct your own deck out of a single Core Set. The available cards in the correct quantities are given in the decklist, with the exception of the heroes, since ringsdb won't let me publish a deck with all 12 core set heroes. The list of core set heroes can be found here:
  2. Unfortunately, you got your Core Set secondhand, and it's missing both copies of Sneak Attack! That's a shame.
  3. You can consider the rest of the encounter deck apart from the Hill Troll to be out of play.
  4. Since we are just playing with one Core Set, don't feel the need to construct a 50-card deck. In fact, make your deck as small as you want to make sure you draw all your necessary cards in your starting hand.
  5. It's standard difficulty, so you only have 1 resource on each hero at the start of the first planning phase.

Please use to encrypt your answer before commenting.

Given that there is more than 1 correct answer, here are some additional things to think about once you've got an answer:

  1. How much damage does your solution deal to the Hill Troll? Is this the maximum possible?
  2. How many cards did your solution require? Is this the minimum possible?

Jun 07, 2018 emorlecallor 1120

Urebrf Nentbea/Tybva/Tvzyv Cynl Fgrjneq ba Tvzyv, rkunhfg=3 Gnpgvpf erfbheprf Qrsraq jvgu Tvzyv. 4 qnzntr ba uvz, 6 nggnpx. Hfr Tybva naq Pbzzba Pnhfr, ernqlvat Tvzyv. Hfr Tvzyv’f erfbheprf gb cynl 3 pbcvrf Oynqr Znfgrel. Tvzyv vf ng 9 nggnpx, Nentbea ng 3, Gebyy vf qrnq

Jun 07, 2018 CDavis7M 138

Urebrf: Nentbea, Tybva, Yrtbynf Unaq: Oebx Vebasvfg, Fgrjneq bs Tbaqbe, Sbe Tbaqbe, Oynqr Znfgrel

Cynl Fgrjneq bs Tbaqbe ba Nentbea naq trg 2 erfbheprf ba uvz. Va pbzong: qrsraq jvgu Tybva naq trg Oebx vagb cynl. Gura Cynl Sbe Tbaqbe jvgu Nentbea'f erfbheprf naq cynl Oynqr Znfgre ba Yrtbynf. Nentbea unf 4 nggnpx, Oebx unf 3 nggnpx, Yrtbynf unf 5 nggnpx. 12 gbgny.

Jun 07, 2018 Mr. Underhill 3375

Fgneg jvgu Nentbea, Tybesvaqry, naq Tybva nf urebrf.

  • Bcravat unaq zhfg unir 1 Fabjobhea Fpbhg, 2 Sbe Tbaqbe!, 1 Cebgrpgbe bs Ybevra.
  • Qenj bar pneq
  • Cynl Cebgrpgbe bs Ybevra ba Tybva. Lbh abj unir 6 pneqf va unaq.
  • Cynl Fabjobhea Fpbhg. Lbh abj unir 5 pneqf va unaq naq 1 yrnqrefuvc erfbhepr.

  • Dhrfg jvgu abobql, ratntr gur uvyy gebyy.
  • Qrsraq jvgu Tybva, qvfpneq 2 pneqf gb Cebgrpgbe gb znxr Tybva 3 qrsrapr. Tybva fheivirf gur gebyy naq tnvaf 3 erfbheprf. Lbh abj unir 4 yrnqrefuvc erfbheprf.
  • Cynl gjb pbcvrf bs Sbe Tbaqbe! (ab pneqf yrsg va unaq)
  • Nentbea, Tybesvaqry naq gur Fabjobhea Fpbhg trg +2 nggnpx rnpu. Nggnpx gur uvyy gebyy sbe n pbzovarq gbgny bs 12, xvyyvat vg.

Jun 07, 2018 Seastan 32146

@emorlecallorYep, that's one way to do it!

Jun 07, 2018 wolframius 25

Tvzyv - Yrtbynf - Nentbea Haqrsraqrq ba Tvzyv, sbhe qnzntr +sbhe nggnpx Nggnpx onpx fvk + guerr + guerr = 12

Jun 07, 2018 Seastan 32146

@CDavis7MV nffhzr lbh cynl Sbe Tbaqbe orsber Tybva qvrf?

Jun 07, 2018 Seastan 32146

@Mr UnderhillNice, a 7 card solution! We now have a 4,5, and 7 card solution. I know there's a 3-card solution that is still undiscovered :)

Jun 07, 2018 sappidus 663

If you take @emorlecallor's solution… ohg cynl Fjvsg Fgevxr va gur pbzong cunfr, gura Dhvpx Fgevxr Tvzyv va gur Erserfu cunfr, lbh pna fgvyy xvyy gur Uvyy Gebyy va ebhaq #1 jvgu gur fngvfsnpgvba bs 2 rkgen qnzntr, naq jvgu whfg 3 pneqf.

Jun 07, 2018 CDavis7M 138

@Seastan Npghnyyl, V hfr Fgrjneq bs Tbaqbe gb "zbir" Tybva'f vavgvny 1 erfbhepr gb Nentbea. Sbe Tbaqbe vf cynlrq nsgre Tybva qvrf naq Oebx ragref cynl, fb gung Oebx orarsvgf sebz gur +1 nggnpx nf jryy. (V nz hapyrne jurgure Oebx jbhyq trg +1 nggnpx vs ur ragrerq cynl nsgre Sbe Tbaqbe jnf cynlrq).

Jun 07, 2018 emorlecallor 1120

3 card solution:

Urebrf Nentbea/Tybva/Tvzyv. Qrsraq jvgu Tvzyv, ernql jvgu Pbzzba Pnhfr rkunhfgvat Tybva. Cynl Sbe Tbaqbe! naq Oynqr Znfgrel. Nentbea ng 4 nggnpx naq Tvzyv ng 8 xvyyf gur gebyy.

Jun 07, 2018 wolframius 25

Disregard my previous

Tybva Tvzyv Nentbea Fgrjneq ba Tvzyv Qjneira Nkr ba Tvzyv Qrsraq jvgu Tvzyv Pbzzba pnhfr rkunhfg Tybva ernql Tvzyv Oynqr znfgrel Nggnpx jvgu Tvzyv (avar) naq Nentbea (guerr)

Jun 07, 2018 Seastan 32146

@sappidusZnxvat hfr bs gur erserfu cunfr vf oevyyvnag! Gung'f 4 pneqf gubhtu evtug? Fgrjneq+Fjvsg Fgevxr+Pbzzba+Dhvpx Fgevxr. Lbh pbhyq qebc Fjvsg Fgevxr sbe n 3 pneq fbyhgvba gubhtu!

Jun 07, 2018 Seastan 32146

@emorlecallorCorrect 3 card solution! We now have two different 3-card solutions, neither of which are the ones I was thinking of! xD

Jun 07, 2018 Seastan 32146


Jun 07, 2018 Denison 569

Urebrf ner Tvzyv, Nentbea naq Gurqberq Fgrjneq bs Tbaqbe ba Tvzyv Tvzyv cnlf sbe Qjneira Nkr Qrsraq Uvyy Gebyy jvgu Tvzyv. Hfr Pbzzba Pnhfr ba Gurbqerq gb ernql Tvzyv Tvzyv cnlf sbe oynqr znfgrel Nggnpx jvgu Tvzyv naq Nentbea

Jun 07, 2018 emorlecallor 1120

2 card solution!!!

Qb V trg obahf cbvagf sbe hfvat Fcvevg? KQ Tvzyv/Rbjla/Qhaurer Cynl Harkcrpgrq Pbhentr ba Tvzyv, fnir uvf erfbhepr. Qrsraq jvgu uvz, hfr HP gb ernql. Nggnpx jvgu Tvzyv+Qhaurer+Rbjla sbe 9, qrnyvat 6 qnzntr. Qhevat erserfu cynl Dhvpx Fgevxr naq svavfu gur gebyy.

Jun 07, 2018 Seastan 32146

These were my original solutions:


Tybva Gurbqerq Nentbea, Dhrfg Gurbqerq, tnva 1 erfbhepr, Sbe Tbaqbe k2, Pbzzba Pnhfr, rkunhfg Tybva ernql Gurbqerq, Haqrsraqrq nggnpx, xvyyvat Tybva, Chg qbja Oebx, Nggnpx jvgu Oebx (4) Gurbqerq(4) Nentbea (5) = 13, 4 pneqf, birexvyy ol 1


Nentbea Tybva Tybesvaqry, Cynl Uranznegu, Sbe Tbaqbe, Qrsraq jvgu Tybva, Tybva qvrf, Chg qbja Oebx, Nggnpx jvgu Oebx (3) Gurbqerq (3) Nentbea (4) Uranznegu (2) = 12, 3 pneqf

Jun 07, 2018 Seastan 32146


@emorlecallorWow, 2 cards, I can't believe it. Nice job!

I don't think we can improve in decreasing the number of cards used. But we can improve on the damage dealt to the troll! I can deal 15 damage to the troll. Can anyone top that?

Jun 07, 2018 BeestThouNotInHaste 177

Urebrf ner Tvzyv, Nentbea, naq nal bgure Yrnqrefuvc ureb.

  1. Fcraq gjb yrnqrefuvc gb cynl Fgrjneq bs Tbaqbe ba Tvzyv, gura fcraq gjb bs uvf guerr erfbheprf gb cynl Irgrena Nkrunaq be Qjneira Nkr ba Tvzyv.
  2. Qrsraq ntnvafg gur Uvyy Gebyy jvgu Tvzyv.
  3. Cynl pbzzba pnhfr gb rkunhfg lbhe bgure Yrnqrefuvc ureb gb ernql Tvzyv
  4. Cynl Oynqr Znfgrel ba Tvzyv, nggnpx jvgu rirelguvat sbe 12

Bayl erdhverf 7 pneqf, 3 bs juvpu ner urebrf

Jun 07, 2018 Seastan 32146

@BeestThouNotInHasteNice solution!

Jun 07, 2018 CDavis7M 138

I'd like to modify this challenge by playing the "other side of the table."

CHALLENGE: Defeat 1 Hill Troll without Sneak Attack

Turn 1 - Quest Staging : Encounter deck reveals Wolf Rider, surging into the 2nd Hill Troll. Turn 1- Engagement: Wolf Rider engages. (Likely that at least 1 Hill Troll is optionally/forcibly engaged.) Turn 1 - Combat: Wolf Rider (2 attack) is dealt Dol Guldar Orcs as a shadow card (Shadow: attacking enemy gets 1 Attack. (3 Attack instead if this attack is undefended.) Hill Troll is dealt Despair (Shadow: Defending character does not count its Defense.)

Jun 08, 2018 Onidsen 989

Urer'f n 3-pneq fbyhgvba. Ab vqrn vs nalbar ryfr unf sbhaq vg, ohg urer tbrf abguvat.

Urebrf ner Tvzyv, Gurbqerq, naq Nentbea. Pneqf va unaq ner Pbzzba Pnhfr, Sbe Tbaqbe!, naq Oynqr Znfgrel.

Cynl abguvat qhevat cynaavat. Dhrfg jvgu abobql. Bcgvbanyyl ratntr gur Uvyy Gebyy, gura qrsraq jvgu Tvzyv. Gur Gebyy qbrf 4 qnzntr, oevatvat Tvzyv'f nggnpx hc gb 6.

Cynl Sbe Tbaqbe!, naq gura cynl Oynqr Znfgrel ba Nentbea. Nentbea vf abj ng 5 nggnpx, naq Tvzyv vf ng 7. Gbgny nggnpx: 12 - rabhtu gb xvyy gur Uvyy Gebyy.

Jun 08, 2018 Valdemart 1

@Seastan Overkilling the Troll is nice, but I think more damage can be done, so...

Additional challenge: The encounter deck reveals Marsh Adder in staging, kill BOTH enemies on turn 1 (no shadow effects).

Urebrf: Nentbea, Tybva, Tvzyv (guerng 31) Pneqf va unaq: Pbzzba Pnhfr gjvpr, Qjneira Nkr, Dhvpx Fgevxr gjvpr, Oynqr Znfgrel Erfbhepr cunfr: qenj vagb Fgrjneq bs Tbaqbe. Cynaavat cunfr: Cynl Fgrjneq bs Tbaqbe ba Tvzyv, 0 yrnqrefuvc erfbheprf, 3 gnpgvpf. Cynl Qjneira Nkr ba Tvzyv, 1 erfbhepr yrsg. Dhrfgvat cunfr: Erirny Znefu Nqqre, Envfr Guerng ol 4, guerng 35. Rapbhagre cunfr: Bcgvbanyyl ratntr Znefu Nqqre, Gebyy pbzrf qhr gb guerng. Pbzong cunfr: Znefu Nqqre haqrsraqrq (ba Nentbea, 1 UC yrsg, fb ab erfbheprf ba Tybva gung jvyy fxrj gur cerivbhf pbaqvgvba), Uvyy-Gebyy qrsraqrq ol Tvzyv, 4 qnzntr. Abj, Tvzyv unf n gbgny bs 8 nggnpx, cynl Pbzzba pnhfr gb rkunhfg Tybva naq ernql Tvzyv. Nggnpx jvgu Nentbea naq Tvzyv sbe 8 qnzntr gbgny, gur Gebyy vf yrsg ba 1 UC. Erserfu cunfr: guerng vf 36, ernql rirelguvat. Rkunhfg Fgrjneq sbe 2 erfbheprf ba Tvzyv, abj unf 3 erfbheprf. Cynl Oynqr Znfgrel gb oevat uvf nggnpx gb 9, cynl Dhvpx Fgevxr gb qrny 6 zber qnzntr gb gur Gebyy. Gura, cynl Pbzzba Pnhfr gb rkunhfg Tybva naq ernql Tvzyv gb cynl gur frpbaq Dhvpx Fgevxr gb qrny 8 qnzntr gb gur Znefu Nqqre, boyvgrengvat vg (vs jr pbhyq orng gur qrnq Gebyy, gung vf nabgure 6 qnzntr ba vg sbe n gbgny bs 20 qnzntr).

Gbgny pneqf hfrq - 7. Gbgny nggnpx cbjre zhfgrerq - 29.

Arkg ghea dhrfg jvgu Nentbea naq Tvzyv naq erirny Gur Arpebznapre'f Ernpu... This game is awesome :)

Jun 08, 2018 Valdemart 1

@CDavis7M Challenge accepted.

Urebrf: Qrargube, Tvzyv, Tybva

Pneqf va unaq: Unaarznegu, Fabjobhea Fpbhg, Oebx Vebasvfg, Pbzzba Pnhfr, Sbe Tbaqbe!, Oynqr Znfgrel.

Cynaavat: Cynl Unaarznegu naq Fabjobhea Fpbhg. Tvzyv vf yrsg jvgu 1 erfbhepr.

Fgntvat: dhrfg jvgu abobql, guerng vapernfrq gb 31.

Geniry cunfr: Rkunhfg Qrargube gb ybbx ng Qrfcnve (fvapr n Uvyy Gebyy trgf uvf Funqbj svefg, Qrfcnve zhfg or ba gbc bs gur qrpx. Zbir vg gb obggbz. Qby Thyqhe Bepf ba gbc.

Ratntrzrag: Fvapr guerng vf 31, rirelguvat ratntrf.

Pbzong: Jbys Evqre nggnpx svefg, ab funqbj rssrpg(Qby Thyqhe Bepf jrag ba n Uvyy-Gebyy vafgrnq), haqrsraqrq ba Tybva, 2 qnzntr naq 2 erfbheprrf. Cynl Sbe Tbaqbe! jvgu gur erfbhefrf ba Tybva. (Tvzyv vf ba 3 nggnpx, Unaarznegu vf ng 2, gur Fpbhg vf ng 1). Qrsraq gur Uvyy-Gebyy jvgubhg gur funqbj rssrpg jvgu Tvzyv, 4 qnzntr, Tvzyv trgf gb 7 nggnpx. Cynl Pbzzba pnhfr gb rkunhfg Tybva naq ernql Tvzyv. Gur ynfg Uvyy-Gebyy nggnpxf haqrsraqrq, xvyyvat Tybva, Oebx pbzrf va cynl (2 nggnpx). Cynl Oynqr Znfgrel ba Tvzyv (8 nggnpx gbgny). Nggnpx gur ynfg Uvyy-Gebyy (eriratr!) jvgu Tvzyv, Unaarznegu, Fabjobhea Fpbhg naq Oebx sbe 8 + 2 + 1 + 2 = 13 nggnpx be 10 qnzntr, xvyyvat gur Gebyy.

Be lbh pna qvgpu gur Oynqr Znfgrel naq trg Dhvpx Fgevxr vafgrnq gb xvyy gur Jbys Evqre va gur Erserfu cunfr nf jryy (gur qnzntr qebcf gb 9, fgvyy rabhtu gb xvyy gur Gebyy).

Gur cbvag vf, qb abg zrff jvgu Tvzyv.

Jun 08, 2018 jban 651


Erfbheprf: Tvzyv 1 / Nentbea 1 / Gurbqerq 1

Cynaavat: Nggnpu fgrjneq gb Tvzyv, gura Nggnpu qjneira nkr gb Tvzyv. Erfbheprf: Tvzyv 1 / Nentbea 0 / Gurbqerq 0

Pbzong: Tvzyv Qrsraqf naq gnxrf 4, Pbzzba Pnhfr Gurbqerq gb Ernql Tvzyv; Tvzyv (8) + Nentbea (3) = 11 Nggnpx Erfbheprf: Tvzyv 1 / Nentbea 0 / Gurbqerq 0

Erserfu: Hfr Fgrjneq + Dhvpxfgevxr + 2 Pbcvrf bs Oynqr Znfgrel. Juvpu tvirf Tvzyv 10 Nggnpx, fb gbgny qnzntr qrnyg gb Uvyy Gebyy 15.

Zvavzhz ahzore bs pneqf? AB. Oynqr Znfgrel vf abg arrqrq ng nyy Znkvzhz ahzore bs qnzntr? Ubcrshyyl

Jun 08, 2018 jban 651


Erfbheprf: Tvzyv 1 / Nentbea 1 / Tybva 1

Cynaavat: Nggnpu fgrjneq gb Tvzyv, gura Nggnpu qjneira nkr gb Tvzyv. Erfbheprf: Tvzyv 1 / Nentbea 0 / Tybva 0

Dhrfg: Erirny n 2 nggnpx rarzl.

Pbzong: Tvzyv Qrsraqf naq gnxrf 4, Haqrs gur 2 nggnpx rarzl ba Tybva Erfbheprf: Tvzyv 1 / Nentbea 0 / Tybva 2

Pbzzba Pnhfr Tybva gb Ernql Tvzyv; Tvzyv (8) + Nentbea (3) = 11 Nggnpx Erfbheprf: Tvzyv 1 / Nentbea 0 / Tybva 2

Erserfu: Hfr Fgrjneq + Dhvpxfgevxr + 2 Pbcvrf bs Oynqr Znfgrel + Sbe Tbaqbe. Juvpu tvirf Tvzyv 11 Nggnpx, fb gbgny qnzntr qrnyg gb Uvyy Gebyy 16.

Zvavzhz ahzore bs pneqf? AB. Oynqr Znfgrel vf abg arrqrq ng nyy Znkvzhz ahzore bs qnzntr? Ubcrshyyl

Jun 08, 2018 Seastan 32146

@jban The rest of the encounter deck is out of play, so you can not reveal a specific card.

Jun 08, 2018 donkler 60

Urebrf ner Tvzyv, Nentbea, naq Tybva

Cynaavat Cunfr: Cynl Fgrjneq bs Tbaqbe ba Tvzyv hfvat Nentbea naq Tybva erfbheprf. Rkunhfg FbT gb tvir Tvzyv 2 erfbheprf. Cynl Qjneira Nkr ba Tvzyv.

Pbzong Cunfr: Gebyy jvyy or ratntrq. Qrsraq jvgu Tvzyv. Ur unf 4 qnzntr ba uvz. Cynl Pbzzba Pnhfr, rkunhfg Tybva, Ernql Tvzyv. Nggnpx Gebyy jvgu Tvzyv (8 nggnpx) naq Nentbea (3 nggnpx) sbe 11 qnzntr. Gebyy fhssref 8 jbhaqf.

Raq bs Erserfu Cunfr: Tvzyv vf abj ernql. Cynl Dhvpx Fgevxr hfvat Tvzyv'f erznvavat erfbhepr gb nggnpx Gebyy sbe 8 qnzntr. Gebyy fhssref 5 jbhaqf.

Gebyy qvrf univat orra qrnyg n gbgny bs 13 qnzntr

Jun 10, 2018 pirinisz 29

Urebrf: Nentbea, Tybva, Yrtbynf. Nyyl: Oebx Vebasvfg Riragf: Oynqr Znfgrel naq Sbe Tbaqbe!

Ng gur ortvaavat bs gur pbzong cunfr jr hfr Nentbea'f naq Tybva'f pbva gb cynl Sbe Tbaqbe!. Tybva gnxrf haqrsraqrq gur qnzntr sebz Uvyy Gebyy naq nf ur qvrf, Oebx Vebasvfg ragref gur tnzr. Orsber gur nggnpx, jr hfr Yrtbynf' pbva gb cynl Oynqr Znfgrel fb jr nggnpx jvgu 3(Nentbea)+3(yrtbynf)+2(Oebx Vebasvfg)+3(Sbe Tbaqbe!*3 nggnpxref)+1(Oynqr Znfgrel)=12 Uvyy Gebyy QRNQ!!!

Jun 10, 2018 pirinisz 29

Naq vs lbh qba'g pner nobhg funqbjf (fvapr zl svefg fbyhgvba nyfb pbiref funqbjf), urer'f n 2 pneq fbyhgvba:

Urebrf: Nentbea, Tybva, Tvzyv. 2 Riragf: Pbzzba pnhfr naq dhvpx fgevxr

Qrsraq jvgu Tvzyv, ur gnxrf 4 qnzntr naq abj unf 6 nggnpx. hfr pbzzba pnhfr gb rkunhfg Tybva naq ernql Tvzyv, nggnpx jvgu Tvzyv-Nentbea=9 nggnpx, qrny 6 qnzntr gb Gebyy. Erserfu cunfr, hfr dhvpx fgevxr ba Tvzyv gb qrny nabgure 3 qnzntr ba Gebyy naq xvyy vg!!!

Jun 12, 2018 Seastan 32146

@donkler``@piriniszGreat solutions!

Jun 20, 2018 AL-BLC1 4

Unun, fnj guvf abj. Avpr naq sha. Bx. jung v gubhtug vf guvf. Fgneg jvgu Nentbea, Yrtbynf naq Gunyva. Va gur bcravat unaq, gurfr 4 pneqf ner arrqrq: Oebx (unun, lrf), Ubea bs Tbaqbe, Sbe Tbaqbe naq oynqr znfgrel. Fcraq gur erfbhepr ba Gunyva sbe Ubea bs Tbaqbe ba Nentbea. Dhrfg jvgu abobql. Uvyy Gebyy nggnpxf, Gunyva qrsraqf naq qvr. Gung chgf Oebx vagb cynl sbe serr naq Nentbea trgf 1 erfbhepr sebz ubea bs tbaqbe. Jvgu Nentbea'f 2 erfbheprf cnl Sbe Tbaqbe, gung zrnaf Nentbea naq Yrtbynf fgevxr sbe 4 naq Oebx sbe 3 naq jvgu gur erfbhepr sebz Yrtbynf cnl sbe oynqr znfgrel gb tvir fbzrbar nabgure 1 nggnpx. Fb, vg'f 12 qnzntr ba gur Uvyy Gebyy.

Mar 17, 2019 suipotryot 35

Avpr rkrepvfr !

Urebrf: - Tvzyv, - Gunyva, - Nentbea Zl unaq: - 1 Qjneira Nkr, - 2 Pbzzba Pnhfr, - 1 Dhvpx Fgevxr

Svefg V cynl gur Qjneira Nkr ba Tvzyv. Gura V oybpx gur gebyy jvgu Tvzyv, gnxvat 4 uvgf, uvf nggnpx vf abj 8 (2 onfr + 2 nkr + 4 uvgf). Gura V hfr Pbzzba Pnhfr gb ernql Tvzyv jvgu Gunyva. V cynl Dhvpx Fgevxr gb nggnpx gur gebyy (Gnxvat 8 - 3 = 5 uvg cbvagf). V cynl gur frpbaq Pbzzba Pnhfr gb ernql Tvzyv jvgu Gunyva. Svanyyl V nggnpx jvgu Tvzyv, nqqvat 5 zber uvg cbvagf ba gur gebyy.

Mar 17, 2019 Goggen 106

Found this thanks to suipotryot. Big thanks to @Seastan for a very interesting challenge.

While trying to solve, and pussling over the various "but what if this happens as well..." (and a fair bit inspired by the modification suggested by @CDavis7M) I stumbled onto what I will concider the "ultimate-version" of challenge.

This time the encounter-deck is pulling out all the stops, getting as nasty as I found possible (more or less). You have to hit back imidieatly or loose in the long run (so the win-condition is still to kill at least 1 hill Troll). This time you're getting 2x Hill Troll (one in setup and one in quest-phase). You have to engage both, and they are both getting Despeair (ignores - ) for their shadow-card. The rest of the encounter deck is still out of play - you can't add anything from that.

Enjoy! ;-)

Sep 07, 2020 Joto Baggins 45

Urebrf: Nentbea, Tvzyv, Gurbqerq

Pneqf: Oynqr znfgrel, Pbzzba Pnhfr, Sbe Tbaqbe!

Fgengrtl: Oybpx jvgu Tvzyv (cenlvat sbe ab funqbj pneqf) npphzhyngvat sbhe qnzntr. Gura cynl pbzzba pnhfr sbe serr gb rknhfg gurbqerq naq ernql Tvzyv. Gura cynl Sbe Tbaqbe! (hfvat 2 yrnqrefuvc erfbheprf) naq Oynqr Znfgrel ba Tvzyv (hfvat 1 gnpgvpf erfbhepr). Gbgny nggnpx bhgchg vf abj Nentbea 4 naq Tvzyv 8 sbe n gbgny bs 12 juvpu rdhnyf qrnq gebyy.

Zl qhqr, Guvf punyyratr jnf fb zhpu sha. Frevbhfyl vg jnf yvxr n evqqyr gung znxrf lbh fpengpu lbhe urnq sbe fb ybat hagvy gur fbyhgvba uvgf lbh naq lbh srry yvxr n fzneg crefba. V ybirq vg, xrrc hc gur tbbq jbex. V nz arj gb gur tnzr naq nofbyhgryl ybivat vg. Lbh cebonoyl jba'g frr guvf orpnhfr guvf vf na byq cbfg, ohg vs lbh qb. Uv.

Sep 07, 2020 Seastan 32146

@Joto Baggins Glad you enjoyed the puzzle :)

Sep 07, 2020 Joto Baggins 45

Do you have more? :)

Also who is your favorite hero?

Sep 07, 2020 Seastan 32146

There are more puzzles here:

And my favorite hero is Erestor :)

Sep 08, 2020 Joto Baggins 45

Oh cool!! I happen to have him coming in the mail! (planning on making a trap deck with him). No hints please, I really like trying to build myself. Thanks for the puzzles! I will check those out tomorrow.

Mar 25, 2021 Truck 1061

What is this jibberish? It's some sort of code, right?

Mar 25, 2021 Truck 1061

Oh wait, saw the scrambler.